Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

Do you have a mobile app idea? Unless you’re a developer with a good knowledge of the mobile application market, you’ll need to build a team that can put your project into action. The first thing you should do before even approaching app development experts is writing a specification. Your potential collaborators will want to consult this document to get an idea of ​​your needs.

Keep in mind that the specifications should be as specific and detailed as possible, but do not worry if you have doubts. We help you find all the professionals you need, but we also advise you throughout the design phase of your application so that you are sure to choose the best solutions for your project.

Before you start looking for professionals, you can also find out about the approximate budget that you will need to invest to achieve your project. The How much does my app cost tool allows you to estimate the price of creating your app.

To create an application, you can build a team of freelancers. In this case, you will need to ensure team coordination and project management yourself. The second option would be to entrust the realization of your project to a company that has developers, designers and experts in mobile marketing at its disposal. It is true that recruiting so many professionals to create an application is not always necessary. It all depends on the size of your project and your financing capabilities. This article will nevertheless give you an overview of all the trades involved in application development to help you prepare a good attack plan.

1. Before application development: well define your project

It’s not uncommon for future application creators to be so excited about providing innovative features that they forget about the most important aspect of any mobile application project, that is, , its profitability.

If you are afraid of forgetting an essential element of your project, you may consider recruiting a project manager specialized in mobile application development. It will help you to make a market study to define a business plan adapted to the mobile applications sector, an essential work to know how to monetize your application at best.

2. Application development: programming and app design

That’s it! Your project is well defined, it is now time to finally enter the technical meanders of the creation of your mobile application. In this regard, we must not forget that, unless you are very versatile, a single developer will not be able to ensure the entire application development process. The realization of this phase is mainly based on:

A team of developers. Do you want to create a native, web or hybrid application? Available on Android or iOS? Suitable for smartphones or tablets? You will need to find application development experts whose skills match the technical requirements of your project. We tend to say that the native application is the best solution, but it is also at least twice as expensive as the web application and, in fact, some projects do not need this solution. If you intend to create a mobile game or an advergaming application, you will most likely need a developer specialized in Unity 3d. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your project manager to help you choose the most appropriate technical solution. The importance of this expert deserves to be emphasized once again. He will lead your project from the beginning and ensure that development is done according to plan. Application project management is the specialty of us – we support our customers from the drafting of the specifications until the publication of the application on the blinds and its technical maintenance.

A designer. Design is one of the most important elements of an app, especially if it’s a mobile game. However, many project promoters do not realize the need to recruit a designer. You can design your application yourself or find a freelance developer who also specializes in graphic design, but the designer will know best inform you about trends in the app design and optimize the user experience of the application.


3. Launch: Promote your application

Developed and tested, your application is now ready to deal with the market, but it will take a lot of work to publish on the stores. The launch stage essentially comprises two phases: the positioning of the application through the ASO and the online and offline marketing campaigns to make the application known to its target audience. Remember that getting downloads is only part of the success, as retention and retention of users is equally important to monetizing the app.

Your mobile marketing specialist will be involved before the application development phase to define the business model, but his or her expertise will also be essential later, during the launch and throughout the life of your application to attract new users. Depending on the size of your project, you may need two types of professionals to strengthen your marketing strategy:

A mobile marketing specialist. His main responsibility will be to position your application on the blinds. It will also be responsible for improving its retention rate in the case where it is low. It will help you, by analyzing the behavior of users within your app, understand what needs to change to optimize the profitability of your project.

A specialist in communication. To retain users, however, they must first download your application. The communication specialist will be responsible for delivering content through the media, social media and blogs to inform your target audience of the existence of your app, in other words, it will bring you new users.

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