A Guide To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms
A good strategy to promote your mobile application is essential to ensure its success in the market.

The promotion of a mobile application is as important as its development. Without a good marketing strategy, even the best app may go unnoticed on the stores. It is a complex process in which it is often wrong to start spontaneously and without having defined a plan of action.

Before the application is published

It is already at the beginning of the application development process that we need to think about the strategy of its promotion. Indeed, you will have from the beginning important choices to make. They will affect your entire marketing strategy, even after launching the app on the stores. You will have to find for your app a name that is easy to remember and that, in addition, contains a keyword.

But to promote an app on the stores other factors matter not less than its name. Think about its icon, screenshots and description to attract and convince the user to do the download. Do not forget to put keywords in the description of your application, but do not overdo it! The blinds penalize descriptions that include too much density. Choosing the right category in stores is also important to make it easier for mobile users to find your app.

Promote your app after it’s published

The ASO alone is not enough to promote your application. You will need to make it known to your target audience through different communication channels. The stores highlight applications that generate a lot of downloads in the first few weeks after they are released. So, do not wait. Start preparing a mobile marketing campaign at least a few weeks before the release of your application. You can post reviews on blogs or in the media, talk about them on social networks and put ads on websites. In addition, it is recommended to invest a little money in paid advertising immediately after launching your app to generate more traffic. You will only have to retain the users, retain them and … have them prospected for you. In other words, after a few weeks after the application is published, you will be able to do without paying advertising altogether. However, it is advisable to continue to promote it for free to maintain a good SEO. Also remember to track the results of your ad campaign and analyze user behavior. This will help you optimize your marketing strategy and, in addition, improve your application according to the expectations of your customers. They will appreciate your efforts to spoil them!

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