What is the best way to select a freelance developer?

Some companies do not want to hire a long-term application developer, if only because their project does not require more than a few weeks of work. In this case, hiring a freelance developer is a good solution … But how do you find and select a good freelancer?

Our goal is to support in this process all those who want to create a mobile application. We work with freelance developers every day, so we know how to recognize the best profiles. This short article will explain how to select the right developer for your project.

What is the best way to select a freelance developer?

By thinking about technology, we often forget one essential criterion: the developer should be ready to invest 100% in the mission that you will entrust to him. However, it’s up to you to show him that it’s worth it. Make sure the goals of your project and your business philosophy are well defined so that your future employee can understand your expectations. Remember that the developer will be a key figure in the success of your project. He can bring you much more than his programming skills. He knows the workings of the world of mobile applications, so he will give you a critical look at the project to improve it.

Do not bet everything on the technical skills of the developer, but that does not mean that his CV and his portfolio do not matter. Pay special attention to the portfolio presenting the applications it has developed. You can, or rather you should, go to the download page of each application. Check out what users say or even test the app to get a better idea. The comments of the users that you will find on the blinds will sometimes tell you much more about the freelance developer than his CV.

With these tips you can find a good freelance developer. Is it necessary to emphasize that this does not guarantee success? You will also need project management and, in case you also need other application development experts, team coordination.

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