The dating sites stamped “green” multiply. Diving in the heart of one of the oldest, Fairy tales 100% natural guaranteed.

Old vegan looking pretty gardener. Adept of the nude wishes partner to practice wild naturism in the mountains. Vegetarian sharing fork with flexitarian, vegan or raw food. Do not laugh. The case is serious. There are hundreds on the dating site to try to combine the “once upon a time” in green fashion. At a time when young people are dredging on NRJ ( or Tinder, these heirs of the hippies of the 1970s have chosen a specialized site to find the soulmate in line with their lifestyle. is not the only one to exploit the niche of the site stamped green – or try it too, but he cultivates his little music. Its old-fashioned design has nothing to seduce the thirty-year-old eco-urban-branchouilles that ensure the recent success of vegan, palaeo or gluten-free diets? It does not matter. has the art of reassuring the oldest, settled in rural areas and who are struggling to meet people in real life. The site has the advantage of seniority – more than 100,000 registered since its creation – and a serious reputation. He was born in 2007 in a green home. Legend has it that Rose-Marie Pocard, the founder, imagined it for her son. They live in the countryside, the young man is studying by correspondence, he is very shy. The mother creates her site, the son meets the love. The maternal experience becomes a family business managed from a village of Dordogne of 3000 inhabitants.

Guaranteed self-assured

Subscribers meet people who look like them. The package -21 euros for three months or 23 to remain discreet with a payment PayPal- is lower than an ad in organic journals, but sufficient to remove unwelcome or curious. Of course, as on other sites, men tend to prefer partners twenty years younger than them, some women post a retouched photo, but here, all members have this little extra thing that does not deceive .

They love hiking, gardening or animal advocacy, much more than nightclubs, TV or video games. They are followers of lithotherapy (based on the power of stones), hydrolatherapy (from floral waters) or baubiology (influence of habitat on humans). No alternative medicine escapes them. And their mode of feeding says another vision of the world.

When he enrolled in 2008, David has been eating organic food for fifteen years, he has been raw since 2000 – he only feeds on raw products. He visited other sites, but found many improved or even fake profiles. Above all, he encountered the misunderstanding of his contacts. “People are convinced that we talk nonsense when talking about food while in our midst, we know that no one is lying,” says the computer scientist who had two daughters with a companion met on Love-bio.

He also remembers making childhood friends laugh by referring to the name of the site, which they found “cucul”. Delphine runs a blog on which she publishes vegetarian and vegan recipes, she remembers her previous companion and her tendency to mockery about her diet: “Even if the person does not practice the same way, it takes at least that she is tolerant and attentive, “she adds.

When vegetarianism turns to devouring passion

By attending a specialized site, the green enthusiast hopes to put more chances on his side. Organic, vegetarianism sometimes turn to the devouring passion that completely eludes non-practitioners. In this world, we can come to no longer eat chocolate for pleasure, but for its dietary virtues, no longer think of her tisanes as benefits for “tired joints”, “lazy transit” or “painful rules”.

We go out with a canvas bag so we do not have to resort to plastic. We eat couscous fonio, we drink kefir, we use hemp oil to take care of himself, his body and his head while thinking of the planet. But what appears as simple habits to the strictest of the ecologists can quickly become heavy to the least militant, even madly in love.


This is the mishap experienced by Solange *. Three years ago, her neighbor tells her about Amours-bio, a serious site, where people are looking for real stories, not “a shot of a night”. She is signing up. Very quickly, she meets Bernard. She is a widow, not especially organic, dream of travel and good times. He opted for a raw diet to lose weight successfully, 30 pounds less. He produces his own electricity, eats only once a day, not at the same times as she does. He builds a straw house. In the meantime, he lives in a caravan. For a long time, Solange clung, today she cracks.

Even the most motivated do not always find the love they dream of. After breaking up with the mother of his daughters, David began to reconsult the profiles. He does not see his diet as an obstacle. He promises that in his farmhouse, winter will be less harsh than the previous one. The insulation will be better. But nothing works. No appointment request and more if affinities. His age, almost fifty, is for many, he says. His daughters of 3 and 6 years too, he adds. Younger women want children of their own, the older ones do not want to be burdened. Yes, green princesses are also dreaming of fairytale heroines.

Increasingly sharp sites

Among the hundreds of dating services, many work by geographic proximity, sexual (including gay and lesbian), religious or lifestyle. The idea is simple: connect people who are alike to improve the chances of success. Because, if the use of sites is growing, establishing a lasting relationship is still rare.

According to an INED survey published in February 2016, 14% of French people aged 18 to 65 have already used it, but only 9% of couples trained between 2005 and 2013 were line. We are far from the love at first sight so dear to romantic comedies!

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