The dating sites stamped “green” multiply. Diving in the heart of one of the oldest, Fairy tales 100% natural guaranteed.

Old vegan looking pretty gardener. Adept of the nude wishes partner to practice wild naturism in the mountains. Vegetarian sharing fork with flexitarian, vegan or raw food. Do not laugh. The case is serious. There are hundreds on the dating site to try to combine the “once upon a time” in green fashion. At a time when young people are dredging on NRJ ( or Tinder, these heirs of the hippies of the 1970s have chosen a specialized site to find the soulmate in line with their lifestyle. Read More →

Give your love life a boost this year with your smartphone or computer

We all know that dating through the Internet can cause headaches – just think of the ceaseless screen swiping, message exchanges and appointments that lead nowhere. This does not mean that you have to give up the game. According to Statistics Canada, more than 14.3 million Canadians are single, and most are now looking for love on the Internet: that’s actually 36% of the population, according to a Leger Marketing survey. If you are not registered for dating sites, there is a good chance you will not meet anyone. But you can make it easy for yourself by taking advantage of technologies that help you find your soul mate. Here is a list of the best smartphone apps to boost your love life in 2017.


Free | Android and iOS

No list of dating apps would be complete without the app that launched this new trend. (It’s not for nothing that the phrase “sweep to the right” has become in colloquial parlance synonymous with “looking for someone.”) With its very simple interface and straightforward protocol, not to mention its somewhat With 50 million users worldwide, Tinder lets you quickly visualize candidates who might interest you, so you can then try to see where that leads you. Read More →

Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

Do you have a mobile app idea? Unless you’re a developer with a good knowledge of the mobile application market, you’ll need to build a team that can put your project into action. The first thing you should do before even approaching app development experts is writing a specification. Your potential collaborators will want to consult this document to get an idea of ​​your needs.

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What is the best way to select a freelance developer?

Some companies do not want to hire a long-term application developer, if only because their project does not require more than a few weeks of work. In this case, hiring a freelance developer is a good solution … But how do you find and select a good freelancer?

Our goal is to support in this process all those who want to create a mobile application. We work with freelance developers every day, so we know how to recognize the best profiles. This short article will explain how to select the right developer for your project. Read More →

A Guide To Promote Your Mobile Application On Social Media Platforms
A good strategy to promote your mobile application is essential to ensure its success in the market.

The promotion of a mobile application is as important as its development. Without a good marketing strategy, even the best app may go unnoticed on the stores. It is a complex process in which it is often wrong to start spontaneously and without having defined a plan of action. Read More →